Rev. Fr. George Thomas

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ST. Joseph's School, Pakartalla,

Each chapter of history is of past facts remembered and interrupted by those involved in them and recorded by those who cherish the past and look forward to a future that is built upon the past and the expression of the yearnings of the immortal spirit of man.

A nation is known by his people and the people are known by their education and culture. This 21st century holds a promise for greater, better and brighter future. This can be easily related to the technological awakening seen world over. Education plays an important role to better the economy.

In this context Schools have a greater responsibility to prepare the children to face the world. So knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values have to be the trade mark of every learning temple to instill among its pupils. We aim towards excellence and this excellence is achieved through the participation of parents, guardians, students and teachers. Every institution leaves behind an indelible imprint in the society. This imprint is built by its years of meaningful existence and contribution to the society.   This has been proved by the pupils who have passed through the portals of our St.Joseph’s school. This is the greatest blessing God has bestowed on us. We aim to instill a conducive, peaceful, harmonious and learning environment where everyone can co-exit irrespective of castes, creed and culture. We pray that the almighty God would bless our children with good health, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and success in whatever they do.       



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